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Atlanta City-Community Engagement Using Equity Maps and Data

As a central organization for Atlanta’s 100% Renewable and Equitable Cities Initiative, Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE), is using the Greenlink Equity Map (GEM) to engage and educate stakeholders on the importance of a data-informed racial equity framework for Atlanta’s Clean Energy Plan.

Together with community leaders and their Just Energy Circle, PSE is developing equity-centered tools and policy-making strategies supported by data found in the Greenlink Equity Map. Since the launch of GEM, PSE has been able to create a robust Equity Maps and Data Project with the Just Energy Circle, the Just Energy Academy and residents in partnership with PSE’s Organizing Unit.

With access to GEM, PSE intends to partner with Greenlink Analytics to develop “Energy Insecurity and Clean Energy Planning” modules into their seven-month leadership development program. This program was created to engage, educate, and activate community members who aspire to be energy equity and climate justice leaders in their communities.

Partnership for Southern Equity also uses GEM to address the lack of climate data, historical environmental injustices, and for leadership development within the city. Their goal is to support equitable transportation, healthy homes, and climate resilience for the majority Black, West, and Southwest Atlanta communities that make up 6 of Atlanta’s 25 zip codes with the highest energy burden.

GEM and the City-Community Data Project has allowed PSE to inform their advocacy from a data centered approach, developing accountability for the City of Atlanta and its goals for an equitable implementation of their 100% clean energy plan.

For more information on how Partnership for Southern Equity has been using the Greenlink Equity Map, contact Alicia Scott at

Photography by Tommy Munoz


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