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Using data for equitable climate action

The Community of Practice (CP) supports community-based leaders and city staff using the GEM platform who are committed to learning more about how data and mapping can advance climate equity and environmental justice goals.


Monthly workshops, network building, and resource sharing help users learn from each other and build productive relationships between communities most negatively impacted by climate change and city governments.

Through peer consultancy, leadership, and participation, Community of Practice members develop skills and troubleshoot challenges creating solutions for racially equitable climate action.

GEM Process Guide: For Cities and Communities Developing Shared Analysis of Equity Maps

Collaboration between local government and communities impacted by inequities are key to transformative climate and equity outcomes. Cities that invest in community partnerships and participatory planning have a greater capacity for practical climate solutions than cities where partnerships do not exist. To prepare for and address the impacts of the climate crisis, city staff and leaders from frontline communities must build strong working relationships.


Upright Consulting Services convened a national team of practitioners to develop the GEM Process Guide which should be used together with the equity maps. The national team of practitioners came from an extensive background in city government, community organizing, participatory action research, energy efficiency policy, and facilitation. 


Rosa Gonzalez (Facilitating Power) led the creation of the Process Guide for cities to work with communities by developing a shared analysis of equity maps. Download the guide to learn more about how it supports city staff in collaborating with community organizers to implement inclusive processes and programs based on the equity data produced by GEM.


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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

COP Meeting - September 2022.png
Disadvantaged Communities: How GEM Can Help Identify Areas of Need
Sharanya Madhavan
Daniel Wagner
August 24, 2023 at 5:00:00 PM

Join the Greenlink Analytics Equity Team on Thursday, August 24th, 2023, at 1:00 PM Eastern for an interactive workshop on the Greenlink Equity Map's newest indicator:
Disadvantaged Communities
Learn how this indicator can be used to identify
communities in need and eligible for certain federal funding

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Community of Practice
Meeting Archives

Extreme Heat Events: Record Highs, Disproportionate Impacts, and Targeted Solutions
July 27, 2023

Angelica Chavez Duckworth, Greenlink Analytics
Sharanya Madhavan, GEM Data Scientist, Greenlink Analytics
Daniel Wagner, GEM Project Manager, Greenlink Analytics

July 2023's interactive workshop focuses on the impacts of #ExtremeHeat events nationwide and how our #DataMapping tool, #GEM, can help target neighborhoods most negatively burdened by urban heat intensity. The Greenlink Analytics Equity Team leads a discussion on the implications of extreme heat events on our health and approaches to mitigate its negative effects in our communities.

Using the Greenlink Equity Map: Office Hours Q&A Workshop
April 27, 2023

Daniel Wagner, GEM Project Manager, Greenlink Analytics
Sharanya Madhaven, Data Scientist, Greenlink Analytics

Community of Practice members joined GEM Project Manager, Daniel Wagner, and GEM Data Scientist Sharanya Madhaven, for a special “office hours” session where they brought their GEM questions. This special session allowed members to get one-on-one help so they can get the most out of their GEM experience and use the tool to its full potential.

Mapping Native Lands
June 22, 2023

Sharanya Madhavan, GEM Data Scientist, Greenlink Analytics

June 2023's interactive workshop covers #GreenlinkOrg's newest #GreenlinkEquityMap indicator, Native Lands boundaries, along with a presentation from Greenlink’s Samantha Houck and Jellie Duckworth on land recognition and Indigenous science that details why Greenlink has decided to take on this endeavor for recognition of our first nations.

How Community Engagement & Data Can Help Drive Legislation
March 23, 2023

Robert Reed, Advisor, Southface Institute
Stephanie Varughese, Junior Analyst, Greenlink Analytics
Kenneth Sercy, Energy Analytics, Greenlink Analytics

Join the #Southface Institute's Robert Reed along with #Greenlink's Stephanie Varughese & Kenneth Sercy as they present an interactive workshop on how to engage local communities and use data to drive legislative change.

Implementing Data-Informed & Community-Centered Weatherization Programs
May 18, 2023

Daniel Wagner, GEM Project Manager, Greenlink Analytics

Join Greelink's Daniel Wagner for a dive into a case study of an equitable weatherization program in Ohio. The robust program was carried out by Westown Community Development Corporation using the Greenlink Equity Map (GEM) as its main tool for implementing energy efficiency alternatives to the residents most in need. Workshop attendees learned how to use GEM to help effectively raise the concerns of frontline, fenceline, low-income, and environmental justice communities to ensure fair distribution of resources.

Interactive Workshop on Redlining & Equity
February 16, 2023

Minna Toloui, Upright Consulting
Sharanya Madhavan, Greenlink Analytics

Greenlink Analytics' Sharanya Madhavan and Upright Consulting’s Minna Toloui share important background on redlining and lead an interactive workshop using the Greenlink Equity Map (GEM) to visualize how past injustices continue to impact our neighborhoods today. Attendees had the opportunity to work with the new redlining indicator before it launched.


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