Accessing GEM

Accessing GEM is easy. Any city, nonprofit, business, or community-based organization can sign up for GEM Access to receive more information on a subscription that fits your needs. 
Some cities and small community-based organizations working to advance equity are eligible for free access thanks to our incredible funding partners and grants program.


Click the sign-up button below, fill out your work email address along with a password, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. You can also schedule a demo to learn more.

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Using GEM


Explore GEM's Features


GEM’s targeted and interactive functions provide deep insights into the distribution of environmental and social burdens. The maps allow for the selection of equity measures, filtering, layering, and downloading of data.


Policymakers utilize the platform to make informed decisions regarding what programs and regulations provide the most substantial equity benefits.


Community-based leaders and organizations use the data to reveal disparities in neighborhoods and support more directed work and funding allocations.

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Equity Indicators

GEM integrates over 37 indicators based on the most current data to provide insights into social and environmental disparities across neighborhoods.

Check out the full list of indicators, brief descriptions, and where we collect these data by downloading our east-to-use Equity Indicators Guide. 

Download the Indicators Guide
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A Guide for Better Collaboration

GEM drives the highest levels of positive change when used in conjunction with the Process Guide to evaluate current data, collaborate on data analysis, and build more aligned and effective relationships within communities and cities.

Using the GEM Platform and the Process Guide in tandem serves as a powerful guide to shifting the norms within climate equity work, institutionalizing accountability for positive outcomes, distributing resources to highest need areas and solving climate change together.

Download the Guide

Effectively Using the Process Guide