Visualizing Data through Neighborhood Equity Maps

The Greenlink Equity Map (GEM) is an online map designed to help you visualize equity-related issues and how burdens are spread across communities.

Whether you are a resident, community organization, city staff, or a policymaker, GEM provides critical data resources to build strong city-community partnerships and equitable solutions. 

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A major challenge that cities face across the country is how to create climate policy while prioritizing social equities in their communities.


To achieve climate and social justice, cities and communities have expressed a strong need for accurate data on equity indicators. GEM provides dynamic visual maps at a neighborhood scale to aid community collaboration.


Cities that work together with impacted communities are more likely to identify the most equitable solutions and climate actions because of genuine community collaborations.


The GEM Platform and Process Guide were created together to encourage genuine collaborations and partnerships for a cleaner and more equitable future.

Photo by Erik Voss

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GEM maps 20 equity indicators
at a neighborhood level:







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Copyright & Credits of Cover Photos: The Solutions Project and their grantees, Partnership for Southern Equity, PUSH Buffalo, SCOPE, and UFW Foundation. Photographers include: Stephen Yang, Camille Seaman, Sheila Pree-Bright, Erick Voss, and Dijon Bowden. This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License.

The Process Guide

The Equity Map is meant to be used with the GEM Process Guide. It is a tool that facilitates the design and implementation of inclusive policies and programs based on the information and equity data provided in GEM. The guide was created to help city staff engage with community leaders, fostering more thoughtful and equitable policies that take into account the current distribution of inequities.

Are you one of the Leadership Cities with a GEM subscription?

 Interested in becoming a Leadership City to gain access to GEM?

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