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WeatheRISE Atlanta

We’ve been working with the City of Atlanta and their WeatheRISE program since 2019. The City is using the Greenlink Equity Map (GEM) to understand the energy burden trends in Atlanta, where the most burdened neighborhoods lie in the city, and the root causes. Some of these root causes can be attributed to lighting, HVAC, insulation, older buildings, or other causes.

The City is using this data to establish a program to deliver home audits within the most burdened neighborhoods across Atlanta. This data will serve as survey data the City can then use to identify core problems found in the housing stock within these neighborhoods. A fund has also been created to weatherize homes in these neighborhoods.

To date, the City has invested $2 million, which will cover about 100 homes.

For updates on this program, you can contact Shelby Buso at

Photography by Ian Schneider


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