About Greenlink Analytics

Greenlink Analytics is an Atlanta-based energy research and consulting nonprofit. Our advanced data analytics deliver detailed, accurate, and novel insights regarding the economic, social, and environmental impacts of energy use. The data serves as a springboard for empowering change that improves lives, especially for the people most harmed by climate change. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we partner with community organizations, cities, and other leaders to inspire change from the ground up.

Our work is made possible thanks to an incredible group of collaborators. 


GEM National Project Team

National Project Team have been our soundboard for GEM, keeping in relevant nationally through the lens of multiple sectors. Refer to Matt for a more detailed description. 

Core Group assist with the community of practice and the development of GEM internally. Refer to Minna for a more detailed description.


Members of the
National Project Team

(listed alphabetically):

  • Alicia Scott, Partnership for Southern Equity (Atlanta)

  • Ariel Drehobl, ACEEE

  • Cheyenne Flores, Philadelphia Office of Sustainability

  • Diamond Spratling & Matt Cox, Greenlink Analytics

  • Divya Sridhar, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

  • Eloisa Portillo-Morales, NRDC

  • Jeremy Hays & Minna Toloui & Manisha Rattu, Upright Consulting Services

  • Oriana Magnera, Verde (Portland, OR)

  • Parisa Norouzi, Empower DC

  • Rosa Gonzalez, Facilitating Power


A Guide for Better Collaboration

GEM drives the highest levels of positive change when used in conjunction with the Process Guide to evaluate current data, collaborate on data analysis, and build more aligned and effective relationships within communities and cities.

Using the GEM Platform and the Process Guide in tandem serves as a powerful guide to shifting the norms within climate equity work, institutionalizing accountability for positive outcomes, distributing resources to highest need areas and solving climate change together.

Download the Guide

Effectively Using the Process Guide